Moss Bikes | European Land Speed Record Bicycle

Built by Andrew Jones of Moss Bikes in Cheshire this is the Silver Eagle European land speed record bike that was on display at this year’s Bespoked UKHBS. Piloted by Neil Campbell, it reached 149.18mph to take the record and is built to be incredibly strong and stable at speeds of up to 200mph. It's formed from a mix of steel, carbon fibre, some 3D printed parts, interchangeable gears, a super long wheelbase for stability and tyres specially designed and rated for the purpose of speed.

In August this year in a project named 'Operation Pacemaker', there are going for the world land speed record at Elvington airfield. In order to cope with achieving such high speeds in the UK (no salt flats) the bike has undergone some serious modifications to it's previous record which has included structural enhancements and the fitting of a parachute, to assist with breaking from 170mph to 0mph in just 400metres.

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