Enve Announces Lifetime Incident & 5-Year Limited Warranty

Carbon wheelsets from brands like Enve and Zipp are crazy expensive but you pay that price tag with a certain assurance that they'll be rock solid with all the recently developments in carbon fibre technology. Well, now theres even more assurance when buying an Enve wheelset who are now offering a Lifetime Incident coverage plan on their rims. This new warranty replaces a rim no matter what happens to it, as long are you're the original owner and no matter now many rims you get through.

With the new Lifetime Incident, the rim is covered for life. Even if you rim breaks while travelling or you drop it off the edge of a cliff, anything is covered. If you break a rim that you bought second hand, you're entitled to 30% off a new rim, then that replacement rim is covered for life. The new 5-year Limited Warranty covers any manufacturing defects. It's a brilliant move from the USA brand and makes buying a wheelset just that little bit more justafiable. Read more about it over on ENVE

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