Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show 2019 Mega Gallery Part 2

Darron Sven has been building and repairing vintage race cars and motorcycles for many years and in 2012 returned to his first love of bicycles, setting up Sven Cycles in Weymouth Dorset. Darron's been building all sorts of machines from fat rubbered off-road adventure machines like the one above to his 'Stingray' trike, pictures below. He has recently been collaborating with Mog Mogford (ex Brixton Cycles) to build classically styled hub geared roadsters with a modern twist and also offers a bike fitting service and frame repairs/renovation.



Moss Bikes and Operation Pacemaker and their hopeful European speed record bike.



American components manufacturer White Industries make some really nice high end precision CNC components in California and are best known for their hubs and shiny drive-train components.