Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show 2019, Mega Gallery, Part 1

One of my favourite events of the year and now in it's ninth edition, the annual Bespoked Handmade Bicycle show once again returned to Brunel’s Old Station and Engine Shed in Bristol.


Over 100 of the finest frame-builders and bicycle component makers from across the world filled the space in a show that is tailor made for those that love the artisan. It gives you an opportunity to not only view some magnificent bicycles but also to talk to the pure enthusiasts that design, test, build and ride them with an vast knowledge and impeccable attention to detail. 


Along with the array of classically beautifully bikes designed for smooth surfaces there's now a real anticipation of seeing the unexpected and experimental at the show. There's a huge variety of machines on offer, many of which represent the alternative cycling visions of their creators. There are your 'smash it down a hill as fast as possible and over everything in sight machines' to 5kg steel climbers bikes and everything in between, it seems anything is possible in the custom frame-building world nowadays and thats what it's all about and what we love about it.


Bespoked is a calendar highlight for many frame-builders who bring along the best of a years work with something new and innovative, while others leave the show inspired to take up frame-building. It's also a reminder of the diversity in the sport both in the machines that we choose to ride and the people that choose to ride them, with a wonderfully eclectic mix of people coming together. As well as photographing the highlights I tried to capture the essence and 'feel' of this years show, enjoy!


This years best in show winner - Prova Cycles 'Speciale'


Ingrid Components with their pretty exciting and currently unnamed Italian 12-speed groupset which is apparently designed for every discipline.


Indie bike builders from Leytonstone, East London are building some great hand made frames and custom built wheels for your adventures. They've also launched an amateur racing team this year.