Gonzo Kustoms & OCD Connection At Coal Drops Yard

The variety of pedal powered machines and the people who make them or who have a special love for them never fails to amaze. A couple of weekends ago I headed up to spend a Sunday afternoon around the newly redeveloped Coal Drops Yard near Kings Cross. By complete chance Gonzo Kustom's and OCD Connection were there, exhibiting a few of their cruiser bicycles as part of a vintage car boot sale. Gonzo Kustom's are a custom bicycle and parts production workshop based in Colchester, Essex and OCD Connection based in London with both of them specialising in one-off custom bicycles, mainly cruisers. With their fat tires and long, low design these bikes take on a sculptural form with design cues and details from the motorbike world. They also brought along their handbuilt rat-rod style truck which ain't meeting any emissions targets but is still crazy cool.

"OCD Connection was born out of a necessity for finding new links in a transgressive potential of today. It manifested in a medium of custom bicycles, born from ignorance they bring together inspiration's from far apart"

See more from Gonzo Kustom's on their Instagram and Facebook page and OCD Connection on their Facebook page

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