A Chat With... Gus Morton

So, Outskirts 2, how did this one come about?

In a very roundabout way. We had a trip planned to Russia and about two weeks before we were due to leave our main talent had to pull out due to a knee injury, so we decided not to go. We were obligated to do a trip in that period, so it became a frantic search for a new location and new cast.

I remembered a few years earlier I was travelling to a race in Québec and was looking at the area on google maps and noticed just how far north and east the land stretched. There was one road in and out and a handful of towns that seemed to be at the edge of the earth. I remember thinking ‘why don’t we hear more about this place?’ and so It was perfect in that regard. Who chooses to live in a place like that? Do they choose? What do they do out there? What are the landscapes, the conditions like? After a little research I found a road that had only just been finished, linking the entire region as well as Newfoundland – so away we went. We scrambled pretty rapidly to pull it all together. We had to change the entire crew and cast in three weeks. We didn’t lock everything down until less than five days before we departed.

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