Exploring A Lost Lane - Grovely Woods and the Harrow Way, Wiltshire

I spent the weekend down in Wiltshire seeing family and friends and on Saturday morning decided to brave the elements, embrace the slip 'n slides and head out on the 'cross bike. I decided to do one of my favourite local routes that is beautiful in all seasons but particularly so on this weekend in the snow it was magical. It's one of Jack Thurston's 'Lost Lanes' - Grovely Woods and the Harrow Way. It's an ancient route through the beech woods of a long chalk ridge to the west of Salisbury. The Romans built a road here but were actually following a route that was already thousands of years old and known to us as the Harrow Way.

The beefy WTB Resolute 42c tires worked a treat in the snow, never clogging up and providing a ton of grip while rolling fast and allowing me to flick the back end out and drift down some sections. Keep an eye out for a full review of these coming soon.

I'm hoping to catchup with Jack for a ride in his home country of Wales soon to talk about his latest book and other projects.

Read more about the Lost Lanes West book and others from the series here

Hope you all had a good one,


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