American Crit

Attack Pictures presents - American Crit. It's a long one (34 minutes) but really is well worth a watch!

A film that highlights what I and and many others have thought for a while now and I hate to admit it, but lets be honest, the American cycling scene is cooler than ours here in Europe and they sure as hell know it. They've has taken a European sport and pulled it straight into the 21st century. With their local inner city closed road sponsored criterium's, short explosive road races and of course, taking track bikes off the track and onto the streets thereby creating Red Hook Crit.

"Crits are the bike racing what hip-hop is to the symphony. The newest, loudest, dopest part of music. Crits just get to the part where you start hooting and harring and jumping around and smashing shit, it's punk rock. Its like yeah, over here in European racing its a symphony and you play the strings with a violin bow, right. But in America we made that into a guitar and then we smash it with our hands and kick in a speaker. We just get to the part where everyone jumps up and screams, thats how American do stuff and thats what we did with bike racing. American crits are now setting the standard for bike racing."

"American Crit is a loud, visceral look at the sport of criterium racing as seen through the eyes of a first-year team. It's a love letter to one of the most dangerous and beautiful forms of bike racing in the world. A meditation on what it's like and what it takes and why."

In November 2017, Steve M. Cullen and five friends launched Butcherbox Cycling. The team was invited to join USA CRITS, the premiere criterium racing league in America, and expected to finish last. Ten months later, the team heads to St. Louis for the Gateway Cup, the final race series of the year. With their focus firmly on Sunday’s race, the USA CRITS finale, the team, led by a 42-year-old Cullen, a 20-year-old phenom named Spencer, and an overachieving bunch of “college kids and dayjobbers” hopes to defy expectations and put their stamp on this uniquely American way of life.

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