The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archives Book

A few months back the Rough-Stuff Fellowship started curating and sharing over 60 years of their adventures, scanning archival photos and sharing them on a captivating Instagram page. The Fellowship has now announced plans for a book that will showcase their best photos, along with journals and maps from an archive that contains thousands of images, hand-drawn maps and documents. The RSF launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the book which is now sitting at three times more than the RSF were asking for.

“The photos are evocative of a bygone age and a bygone style – a time when you might set off on a bike ride wearing a shirt and tie or a bobble hat, and no ride was complete without a stop to brew up some tea and smoke a pipe. They are also a record of intrepid adventures. RSF riders explored the Lake District, the Cairngorms, the Alps, and further afield, and their exploits were beautifully documented by amateur and professional photographers. In their own very British way, these men and women were pioneers, pedalling and carrying their bikes where angels feared to tread. Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, adventure bikes all owe them a debt. This book celebrates their style and their spirit. It is a stunning visual resource of cycling heritage that will inspire new adventures.”

"From the advert placed in The Bicycle magazine in 1954 calling for founding members, to the Iceland overland report, to trips to Switzerland and Italy in the 1960s, to slogs through the snow in the Lake District, the Cairngorms or Brecon, to beautifully designed old Journals – it’ll all be in there."

"Our intention is to give the photos centre stage. However, they will be complemented by excerpts from old RSF Journals, ride reports, graphical material and other ephemera from the archive. Where we need to, we’ll have the artefacts professionally photographed."

The book will be published by Isola Press, an illustrated adventure book publisher and the Kickstarter campaign has a huge list of rewards for a contribution including a copy of the book for £30 as well as postcards, t-shirts, RSF membership and prints of various sizes. See more over on the Kickstarter page.

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Book Details

– Vintage photos, hand-drawn maps, and ephemera from the RSF archive from 1955 to the 1990s. – Short introduction and history by Mark Hudson, RSF Archivist – Contemporary design and layout to complement the archival nature of the project from an award-winning team – Hardback / 270 x 210 mm, portrait / 192 pp – RRP £30 – Deluxe limited edition available


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