Golden Hour ride in the New Forest, Hampshire

My relationship with the bicycle is changing slightly in the way in which I think it does for everyone at various points in their life. For 2019, I plan on spending less time 'training' and more time just riding my bike, using it as a tool to see things, go places and meet people with a few races thrown in along the way to satisfy my competitive edge.

This ride was the first of those in which distance, time or power didn't matter, a ride of less than an hour around the trails of the New Forest in Hampshire near where I was visiting family. I probably spent more time stood around than I did riding, taking in the light, the crisp cold air, the calmness and the wild horses roaming around wondering what the hell I was up to. If ever there was an argument for how a bike ride can be meditative, this was it.

There’s a metaphor in there somewhere about mans intervention in nature, but for photographic sake I think the pylons added something.

I'm already looking forward to heading back to the New Forest for some longer rides in the summer.

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