Rapha Soho dioramas by Jessica Sutton and The Model Cyclist

Last month the Rapha Clubhouse in Soho had three amazing dioramas by Jessica Sutton on display, which were accompanied and completed by figurines hand painted by The Model Cyclist. There's something very beautiful about miniaturising a snapshot of a landscape or part of the world that you know well. The incredibly accurate and detailed models depicted three iconic extracts from popular London ride locations - Epping Forest, Swains Lane and Box Hill.

Swains Lane, North London

"Unfortunately for the rider, this one-way street travels upwards, not downwards. The diorama you see here is an accurate representation of its gradient. A classic southern English climb - short and sharp - its a staple for hill reps and hill climb competitions" If you're in London and a Rapha Cycle Club member, head along to the early morning North London Hills ride.

Box Hill, Surrey

"Head south to Surrey and wrestle this testing climb from the London Olympics. The view and the cafe stop at the top are worthy of every cycling pilgrim. The gradient is king enough for anyone to enjoy it; green vistas with smooth, rolling tarmac... cresting the summit in less than six minutes will earn you a lot of kudos though"

Epping Forest, Essex

"With wider, softer tyres, head north east into the Essex woodland. There is something very satisfying about getting muddy on a bike"

Check out more from Jessica Sutton on her website and head over to see more miniature riders on The Model Cyclist's website.


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