Apidura's New Ultralight Racing Series Bike Bags

Apidura have released a new ultralight 'racing series' of bikepacking bags designed for the specific demands of ultra-distance competition, audax and riding with purpose for those that seek the lightest gear possible for optimum performance and everyday durability. Apidura have developed their own ultralight, waterproof laminate material for the series of three bags - a 5L racing saddle pack at 200g for £125, a 5L racing handlebar pack at 265g for £115 and a racing frame pack at 2.4L at 145g for £90. The existing line-up of Apidura bags aren't exactly weighty so it will be interesting to see these in action and hear some feedback on them. Check out Apidura's journal on how they developed the bags using insights from their ambassadors including Kristof Allegaert and Sarah Hammond.

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