Team Tekkerz At The Tour Series. Part 2, Salisbury


And so onto Salisbury, a Cathedral city bang in the middle of the South of England. It was the first time the Tour Series had visited the city and I'm sure it'll be back. The place erupted into life like I've never seen before, the market square swamped with team buses and fans. It was by far the best atmosphere I have ever seen at a Tour Series race, the whole place was buzzing with cycling fanatics three deep on the barriers with the noise echoing around the buildings on the tight circuit. 


This was the final round of the OVO Tour Series and it really was a case of saving the best till last. It was a very different course to Wembley and the conditions couldn't be more different with the whole place bathed in sunshine. Confidence had built within the team now as they were looking comfortable amongst the British pro scene and had a desire to push for a top 10 position. Over to Alec.



"The whole experience was mega, in every way. With only a little over 3 hours racing, to have learnt so much, seen what i saw, watched riders I've known for years both young and old impress and stagger top class riders, managers, organisers and fans, was the best thing about it. Every rider a part of Tekkerz learnt a huge amount in those few days, it's an experience I'm truthfully honoured to have had and here's why"


"I put this TEKKERZ project together with one main purpose - to make people think about what cycling is, and where it's going"


"I'm stoked that on day 1, I did that, we did that, in every aspect we know. Our kit, name, ride style, attitude, results. It rubbed some people up the wrong way, I'm sure, especially some of our fellow riders. The thing is when we came into this series, we know we didn't have a place, and if anyone thought they had an idea where that should be, it was probably at the back, but we pretty set on that not being the case.  I wish and suspect most riders that put a Tekkerz jersey on their back to be themselves, take no shit, don't be afraid to unsettle the norm"


"Can't lie, first day in Stevenage I think we all thought it was a bit shit. Course was boring, sprint down the straights then slow right down in the corners. People were agro, one of our young riders even got punched. Then Dan and Ben got taken out in a crash which meant the whole team standings thing was a loss. None of it really emphasised what I loved about racing. Obviously we all went in a bit hesitant being the first one, especially myself. I knew Wembley was going to be different and after all the shit in Stevanage it was all just  fuel for the fire"


"Come Wembley race day, was a lot more hype