Pedal-Me Have Smashed Their Crowdfunder Target

November 2, 2018

Projects like this one are great, they are helping to change and shape the future of urban environments by encouraging fun, active travel and proving that spatially, energy efficient modes of transport are the way forward.


Innovative central London based cargo bike taxi and courier service company Pedal-me reached their target of £150,00 on Crowdcube within a day and are continuing up to a maximum of £500,000 to help keep up with its organic growth and fund more bikes, technology and riders and increase their impact. 


Pedal-me uses an app along with specially adapted electric assist cargo bikes and has been in operation for only 18 months, transporting people and goods around the city with an environmentally friendly service that's quicker than it's rivals who rely on motor vehicles (but its the bike lanes that cause all the congestion and slow moving traffic right!) They can carry "