Forever Pedalling

October 24, 2018



Tim Wilkey worked in 4 bike shops shops, as a media manager for Bike Radar and as a messenger before he opened Forever Pedalling two and a half years ago. He went cycle touring and started a blog, aptly named Forever Pedalling, the blog continued when he got back to Bristol, the city in which he grew up. He made a few t-shirts and stickers with graphics inspired by the skate and surf scene which were popular. All of this happened at a stage in life where he wanted his own project and a creative outlet and so Forever Pedalling was launched in a small shop in East Bristol. 


It's not a bike shop but a brand, an identity and something that people can be part of and connected to, a bicycle lifestyle brand thats focused around rides, races, events and people. Forever Pedalling has become much more than just a shop in the Bristol scene, it's reinvigorated a stagnant cycling culture and brought a younger audience into the sport around the South West city.




"One of the aim's for the future is to build a strong and successful race team that represent the brand in races across the country."