A Step-By-Step Guide And Review Of Spray.Bike Paint

October 19, 2018

I came across Spray.Bike a few years ago at a bike show and thought it was a great idea, if it worked. To this day I still don't know of anyone that's tried it. Beautifully designed custom paint work is now a hot trend in bicycle culture with bike shows full of frames painted to a level where you would be afraid to ever ride the bike for fear of a tiny scratch, but who doesn't love an incredible custom painted exhibition bike. 


I've never really liked the slightly tacky graphics on my Giant TCX which were also starting to look a little worn, this led me to make the decision to give it a go, albeit with a slightly conservative, safe and simple choice of a matt black (Blackfriars 400ml £7.99) with a protective transparent/gloss finish (framebuilders transparent finish 400ml £7.99) the thinking being it would minimise the potential for disaster, ruining a perfectly good frame. 


Spray.Bike originated at Vicious Cycles in Athens out of frustration with using automotive paint on bikes, so they went to a paint manufacturing company and developed a formula. Brick Lane Bikes in London then jumped on board and was part of the early testing process. Spray.Bike now has a complete paint system of preparation, paint (48 colours) and finishing products, that with a bit of time and a creative touch lets you get close to professional results in your own garage for a fraction of the cost.


 Spray.Bike stand at this years Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show in Bristol, UK. 


The bike before being resprayed, It was to be less of a complete transformation and more of a smarten up really. 


I stripped the bike down and gave it a thorough clean, removing any dirt and grease.