Elite Fuoripista: A 'Sculptural' Home Trainer

Ever felt like you wanted your home trainer to be the sculptural centrepiece of your living room? Well here's one for you, Adriano Design and Elite bring you the Fuoripista home trainer. It's one of those products that no one really needs but a select view will want and It can be yours for around £12,419. Check out the tech specs over on Elite.

Rouleur magazine interviewed Salim Mottaghi, a designer for Adriano Design who worked on the project:

What made you decide to design a home trainer like this? We have been revolutionising the nature of the products we design for years, thus always reinventing them. We are cycling enthusiasts, so we don’t like the idea of relegating the training bike to the garage or spare room, because it’s supposedly not worthy of being among the home furnishings. So we designed a beautiful, fascinating, high quality and great performance piece… it’s just like having a top class race bike.

Read the full interview over on Rouleur

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