Tekkerz At The Tour Series. Part 1, Wembley

September 27, 2018

We're in a car-park in a fairly soulless newly built part of London - Wembley Park. The gigantic stadium looming over us below a stormy sky on an evening in late May. The city grey from an from an afternoon of thunderstorms, leaving the course for tonights racing shimmering with water. We're surrounded by team cars, branded motorhomes and awnings sheltering pro riders warming up on turbo trainers. This is round seven of the Ovo Energy Tour series. 


One by one the Tekkerz riders gather. Alec Brigg's, Stefan Schäfer, Neil Phillips, Ben and Dan Tulett. The team are guesting riding on three races at the UK Tour Series, A UK series of eight race's renowned as being some of the hardest city criterium's in the world. The race organisers have shortened the course to avoid a large pool of water but its starting to dry out, much to the riders relief. The team are about to test themselves against the best domestic professional riders in the country. 


None of the Tekkerz team are full time seasoned professional athletes and have other commitments away from their athletic pursuit. None of them have raced the tour series before. Hours before the race Neil Phillip's was sat in his office doing his thing as a tunnelling engineer. They ride their bikes purely for the love of racing and competing at the highest level they can, with the exception of Ben (aged 17) and Dan Tulett (aged 19), who are starting to pursue a career in the sport. For the brothers, this is an opportunity to test themselves against some of the best in the country, including multi-gold winning Olympic champion Ed Clancy. 


There is excitement, anticipation and a few nerves while the lads get changed, pin numbers on and discuss tyre pressure and a few race scenarios. They head off to sign on and then warmup, which consists of the ride to sign on, a few laps of a car park and then a couple of laps of the course along with fellow competitors. The Tekkerz mantra is to ride with an emphasis on skills and to enjoy it. They had no expectations other than to see how it goes and push for as higher finish as possible. There was no technical race tactic's but just to smash it, try and be in the mix and disrupt the pro teams all competing for the overall team classification. 




The whole team were using the new Specialized Tarmac. 




Correct tire pressure would be crucial on the damp and slippy course.


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