John's #ProjectHillClimb Part 1 - The Build At Super Domestique

We're following London based climber John Blight as he embarks on a British hillclimb season with full commitment in every aspect. The British hillclimbing season is a long standing part of British cycling heritage and is one of the most specialist pursuits, the ultimate race against not only the clock but also gravity. In a three part feature series we'll bring you an insight into John's #ProjectHillClimb. He's trained specifically for the events and built up a specialist bike for the job, he'll be tackling upwards of 5 climbs including London's Urban HillClimb, which we'll be attending. View the visual story of the building of his customised Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi-Mod by Bart at East London's Super Domestique below. Part 2 will include a full bike portrait along with the specs and Q&A with with the man himself. Stay locked in and follow the journey.

That raw carbon finish! The Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi-Mod with paint stripped off, revealing the raw carbon that was then sealed with a lacquered ‘K-Flow’ treatment gloss finish by Tom at Kustom Flow, weighing in at 0.79kg without the fork.

Mechanic Bart of Super Domestique is widely considered one of the best in the business and his meticulous attention to detail is second to none. While shooting the build I was staggered at his knowledge of the most intricate of considerations when building the bike. He went about it with a calm ease, carefully checking each part as he went, while the majority of us get flustered at even the idea of changing a brake cable. The complete build took around two hours.

I hope to head back to the Super Domestique soon to bring you a full workshop and bike-fitting room tour. The clothing and accessories shop Hex is also housed in the same building.

CaneCreek's in house eecycleworks brakes are beautifully designed pieces of kit with the exposed mechanism and clearance for wide tyres.

In this case theres no doubt that this is a machine built entirely for the job

Many thanks to Bart and the guys at Super Domestique as well as John for involving us in his hillclimb season

Detail's montage of the build

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