Velo Malaysia Film by Friction Collective + Director & Rider's Q&A

Watch the full length film HERE

Join director, videographer and rider Jack Davies and mates Tim Lages and Tom Gurney as they transcend 1000 miles deep into the searing heat of the Malaysian Rainforest, discovering colossal mountains, pristine coastlines and some of the kindest people to grace this planet. Enjoy!

Watch the first instalment of the 'Velo' series here and head over to Friction Collective to see more of their work.

We headed to Spoke & Stringer in Bristol last week to watch one of the two UK premiers of the film and hear a short Q&A from Jack, Tim and Tom.

Calories / Food?

Its very cheap there, three meals in a restaurant comes to the equivalent of £1.50 so that made it easier. They brought out three meals thinking that it was one for each of us when in fact we were ordering 3 meals each, which was just the amount we required to sustain the energy over the course of the trip. Two of us also follow a vegan diet so we didn't have a lot of choice out there, snacks mainly consisted of dates and on one of the days - 5 packets of Oreos, which needless to say I haven't eaten since.

Which was the harder of the two trips?

Malasia, the unrelenting humidity and heat, and the mountains made it extremely tough going at times but also extremely rewarding.


Only three, Jack 0, Tim 1 and Tom 2.

Next trip?

Georgia or Chilli, maybe Patagonia, but certain trips like these may need more experience because of the exposed nature of the locations with no civilisation for miles. It means that messing up in even the slightest way can have huge consequences. A ride back to the UK from the far side of Europe is also a possibility. We'd also like to build out own steel bikes especially for a trip at the Bicycle Academy in Froome.

How much of a pain is filming a ride like this, running ahead to get a shot of the other two coming past etc?

We planned and filmed drone footage on days when we did less miles and then the rest was just a case of thinking ahead or just having the camera to hand while riding. I had a camera in a bag at the front of the bike at all times but was also conscious that the other two were on an amazing trip and didn't just want it to be all about the filming, so it was a balance.

What kit did you use to shoot the film?

Sony A6500 camera

Mavic Air Drone

2 GoPro cameras which we moved around

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