To The Waters Edge. A Ride To The Severn Estuary from Bristol

While I was in Bristol last week I met up with Forever Pedalling's owner Tim Wilkey (shop tour coming soon), I mentioned a great photo that he's taken of the Severn Bridge and the Estuary from one of his morning rides, he said "lets do it, we'll ride out there tomorrow morning". There's nothing quite like heading to a new city or place and linking up with a group ride or local riders to explore new places, trails or paths in a different part of the land giving you a different perspective on the geography of your location. I headed out with Tim and Ed Wirgman (someone who I'm stoked to announce will become one of our first contributors with his stunning analogue film shots from the South West). On a pretty chilly late summer's morning we rolled out from Clifton, skirting up and around Bristol to an industrialised part of coastline that looks out onto the Severn estuary and over into Wales.

There's also nothing quite like the crisp early morning air and light at this time of year, casting interesting shadows and silhouettes. People who ride at this time of the day will also be familiar with that feeling of calmness that many of us are happy to get up early for.

The Severn Bridge and a view of Wales from England.

Tim created the Das Rad Klub in Bristol a few years ago originating from an in-joke amongst friends as something different from Bristol's traditional cycling clubs. It's grown hugely and played a big part in developing a strong scene in Bristol thats attracting a new younger audience to the sport.

South West is best.

A new perspective of a bridge I've been over hundreds of times.

"Ride back down and up again so I can get a shot through the trees"...

Clifton suspension bridge en route back into the city via the Clifton downs.

Quick coffee and off to work. Thanks for the ride guys.

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