You Are Frame Builder Dario Pegoretti

It's easy to understand the world's most confounding, experiences, and - many say - skilled frame builder. All you have to do is be him...

You have put a torch to more than 10,000 bicycles. You smoke cigarettes. Your standards are uncompromising. You are not against innovation. You suspect your father was ashamed of your profession. You know you are a lucky man. You like the smell of steel. You are beloved. You love New York City, its women and steakhouses. You work seven days a week. You know about life and death. You named one of your paint schemes after your cancer. You drink at least ten cups of coffee a day. You welded and you fell in love. Your appetite is ravenous. You keep trying to make the perfect frame.

Steve Friedman has written a superb article about Dario Pegoretti for Bicycling Magazine. Many will not know much about or even anything about the maestro frame-builder. After reading this you will feel like you knew him.

Read all the words on Bicycling Magazine

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