CHPT 3 - Racing Nations: Explained

Cycling is a relatively modern sport, after all, the bicycle was only created in the 1800’s, yet it is old enough to have created different cultures which are most clearly displayed in different racing styles for each country. Below, David Miller explains these differences whilst also giving an example of the rider that most exemplifies that style:

Belgium & The Netherlands

Nervous and aggressive, the riders from these countries have grown up with that style of racing and so it becomes their default setting – they’re hardcore, one-day racers


Great Italian bike racers are often tactically savvy climbers who can also sprint


Fairly chaotic – a state of confusion having probably sprung from hosting all types of racing

UK, USA, Australia & Germany

Being late adopters as countries they have brought modern methods, a new science to the sport, number crunching their way to success.


Climbing and stage racing, Spanish teams are some of the best in the world when it comes to controlling a race.


Peter Sagan.

Read the full article by David Miller on the CHPT 3 journal

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