Davey Push Bikes: Full-Moto Build!

We love projects like this on Mechanised. This morning I came across this fascinating built story on The Bicycle Academy's blog about one of their past students projects.

Here's a brief summary of the story: A few years ago Oliver Davey wanted to try his hand at frame building but had a disappointing experience on a course where he learnt very little and was unimpressed by the quality of workmanship. He headed to the highly regarded Bicycle Academy in Frome, Somerset who as it turns out, do a lot of remedial training. He wanted to realise his dream mountain bike and The Bicycle Academy helped him to achieve it with the guidance of their skilled team.

​"The Full-Moto has been designed for having a blast in the woods - for relatively short, fast outings, providing the rider with the confidence to attack a trail and get loose, to be engaging and involving. To achieve this, I wanted a bike whose limits are easy to approach and fun to reach, something that I feel current mountain bike designs have failed to properly address."

"...the body position that I'm trying to achieve is very similar to that of a Motocross Rider; more upright with the riders weight centred over the their feet. If anything, the closest that mountain bikes have ever got to placing a rider in a similar, stable position were the original Klunkers, repurposed from Schwinn beach cruisers in the 1970s."

"By designing the geometry of the frame to more mimic a motocross rider's position, the rider's weight can be more their feet leading to a bike that descends confidently and feels chuckable"

Read more about the original build plan here and for more on the finished bike and thinking behind the geometry and design click here.

Since completing the bike Oliver set-up Davey Push Bikes and he's worked on a few other equally interesting ideas.

"Davey Push Bikes is simply a way for me to create things that help me maximise the fun that I have on my bike. They won’t be for everyone, but I suspect that you’ll know if they’re for you."

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