An Interview With Joel Caldwell by Far Ride Magazine

How has cycling played a role in your adventures?

Riding bikes and travelling by bike is something I’ve always been really drawn to. I did my first tour, down the California coast, when I was in college. The speed of travel, having to earn the miles and ending up in the interesting in-between places, I really love that. There’s something about the pace of riding a bicycle. It allows you to really get to know a place. When I came across bikepacking, I immediately fell in love with it. It’s such a combination of things that I’m interested in; it’s self-supported, it’s adventurous. With fat-bikes now you can go anywhere. You can make your own trail using google maps or even thirty or forty-year-old soviet maps. You just travel on a bicycle carrying everything that you need to survive in the middle of nowhere.

Bicycles can also act as a universal language. People all over the world are interested in bicycles and can relate to them. If you’re in a pretty remote part of the world where you don’t speak the same language, people can understand a bicycle—even if it’s a pretty crazy looking one like a fat-bike.

Read the full interview at Far Ride.

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