Supreme x Santa Cruz

August 16, 2018




This is one hell of a random and surprising collaboration. Supreme, creators of all sorts of incredibly desirable products and streetwear, have joined up with California based Santa Cruz Bicycles to product a limited edition Chameleon hardtail MTB. See more over on the Supreme website and expect it to be on sale soon, rumour is that it will retail for $2,500. Its sort of cool that such a mega brand have got involved in bikes but at the same time its a pretty rubbish'ly spec'ed out bike for the money and the design leaves a lot to be desired. It's not the most inspiring or original but maybe thats the bold statement Supreme were going for. 


Give it a few years and it might be worth the same as this one pictured below which recently surfaced for sale online on the reselling site StricktlyPreme. Its an 'ultra-rare' Supreme x Brooklyn Machine Works BMX which is around 20 years old. It's currently on sale for a whopping  $47,000 ! The seller is based in Hiroshima, Japan and that doesn't include shipping costs... read more about it here.





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