Coffeeeeee! Its a sign...

A slight tangent from bikes but we all love coffee right? These photos were originally going to feature as part of an article in the works about the building of Seabass Cycles new shop in Peckham. However, when I went to edit them there were so many shots that I wanted to share. So... here's a separate, slightly random feature on the painting of the Seabass Cycles window coffee sign by Natalie Wood, who has hand painted all the Signs for Seabass Cycles.

See more of Natalie Wood's sign designs on her Instagram and check out Seabass Cycles

Natalie uses an enamel, oil based paint for the signs and created a huge (backwards, in order to appear forwards on the outside of the glass) paper template, which was stuck onto the glass and carefully followed with the brush. This was then removed and the spaces filled with the vibrant pink. The sign is naturally illuminated, catching the sunlight beautifully. It appears differently on either side, with the texture and brush strokes visible on the inside and the perfectly smooth and solid colour on the outside. At the right time of day the sign casts a striking silhouette on the coffee-shop floor.

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