Emily's Chappell's Shand Stooshie

Ultra-endurance athlete, writer and first place female finisher on the 2017 Transcontinental race, this is Emily Chappell's Shand Stooshie. It's her characterful do-it-all bike, which is built up to get the job done. With it's mis-matching wheels and a few signs of wear and tear. The none-precious nature of her rig is great and something I really appreciate with so many immaculately custom painted fancy beautiful bikes out there at the moment.

It's tricked out with a full set of Apidura bike bags and storage holders full of snacks to stay fuelled on all day adventures. She uses Profile Designs clip on Aero-bars for comfort when tapping out the miles. The groupset is a combination of SRAM Red mechanical with Ultegra shifters, linked up to mechanical disc brakes. The front wheel is a Mavic rim laced to a dynamo front hub to power the Supernova front light and Airstream tail light 2 rear light. The rear wheel is a Hunt and they are both shod with Schwalbe G-One tires for winter miles (Emily loves riding in cold conditions).

Follow Emily on Instagram and see what she's up to on her Twitter.

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