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After a successful first edition of the race last year, Kibosh Racing returned to host another race from the picturesque village of Hatherleigh, Devon. The South West and London based team aimed to build on last years event and put on the best race of the year in the South West region. On Sunday the 22nd of July the race rolled out onto the grippy Jacobstow circuit with the riders taking on a 10km circuit, which was to be ridden 10 times with an nasty uphill drag to the finish line.

It was a race organised by racers for racers, a surprisingly rare event. The Kibosh guys have a strong identity and a laid back, heart on your sleeve approach to racing. They will always give it their all to get on the podium and the event encapsulated this mantra perfectly. I spent a couple of days with the team to bring you a behind the scenes photo journal from the whole event.

The day before consisted of checking the course to make sure no spontaneous road works or any other hazards had popped up. There was a trip to the hardware store and the supermarket for last minute bits and bobs. As with all good road races, there was to be a village hall filled with cake and the baking production line was in full swing, with cakes for afterwards and pasties being produced en mass for the race's pasty primes. In the evening there was some finalising of British Cycling documentation late into the night and the printing out of lap numbers.

An early wake up call on Sunday morning to load up the van with cones, signs etc and get to the course early to open the race HQ and sweep any gravel off the course. Race organiser Neil, tell's me how organising the race for the first time last year was easier than he imaged it might be, but still involved a lot of work with so much dependant on other variables such as keeping local residents happy and getting approval from the local police.

Prizes, beers, bikes, snacks, signs, wheels, hats, clothing, bidons and coffee filled the van....

Rider sign on at the race HQ in Hatherleigh, Devon.

Kitchen - food, drinks and coffee - sorted.

The Coffee on offer was not your usual cup of Nescafe instant. AllPress Espresso kindly provided quality batch brew coffee for the event.

Riders started to arrive at sign on and collect race numbers.

Nerves and excitement began to build as the riders took a few moments before the racing kicked off.

Meanwhile, the race officials briefing was taking place with organisers, commissaire's, drivers, medical staff and marshall's all going through protocols and various race scenarios.

A glimpse into the organisation of an amateur road race in the UK reveals the huge amount of work and effort that goes into arranging them, its an eye opening experience and great to see it from this perspective. It's something that isn't always considered or given a thought by racers who are so focused in their bubble of performance and preparation. Huge respect for the people give up their weekends to support the sport and give great care to ensure the race runs smoothly.

Who would take the win was anyone's guess with a super strong field.

Standard race-day scenes, with riders warming-up on turbo trainer's in the car park.

Rider briefing.

Roll out.

The pasty prime lap siren sounded as two riders crossed the line with a "whoop whoop, sound of the police" jokey shout out, a brief distraction from the pain in the legs. Good race-day vibes and atmosphere.

It was an aggressive race from the off with a large breakaway going away on the first lap and then only one's and two's willing or strong enough to chase from the bunch behind. As the race unfolded riders were dropped from the breakaway one by one while others bridged across splitting the race into pieces.

The main peloton came charging through.

The eventual three man winning move.

Natural break from the action.

Friends and family took their spot roadside to watch the action and handout bidon's and food to riders.

Anticipation was building at the finish line.

Rider's came across the line in small bunches as the peloton was decimated in the final lap. Each group sprinting it out for placings up a seemingly endless drag to the line.

"fuck that was hard"

Post race rider analysis and debrief... what was, what could have been and what will be next time.

As soon as the final riders had crossed the line it was straight back to HQ to work out finishing positions, and prepare the podium and prizes.

So often after a road race people finish and quickly go their separate ways, tired and often unhappy with their performance. Kibosh were keen to remedy this situation by offering multiple prizes for the overall podium and pasty prime laps, as well as the top finishing 3rd category and junior rider's and best team result.

Rad prizes by Fabric, Rapha and FourPure beers.

Prize presentation

The eventual winner Max Steadman of the Canyon Eisberg team looked strong throughout the race and took the win by a couple of bike lengths ahead of William Bjergfelt (Team Tor 2000 KALAS) in second and Lee Frost (Tri UK) in third.

In true British style, the day was brought to a close with a celebratory trip to the pub for a few cornish ales before the long journey back to London.

Many thanks to the whole Kibosh crew and chapeau for putting on an awesome race and giving something back to our wonderful sport. Roll on next year and remember.... #youaintprobro and on this weekend #southwestwasdefinitelybest.

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Full album from the event below

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