Rapha Manuals: The Sport With Surprises

Rapha have produced a new series of short clip films alongside their new 'Getting Started In Road Cycling' book, published by Rapha and featuring insights from experts and professionals alike, it is designed to help every rider encourage friends and family onto a bike. Available in Clubhouses around the world, and on the Rapha website.

Both the book and short films feature some beautifully hand-drawn illustrations to promote and celebrate some of the wonderful aspects of the sport.

The film above is Rapha Manuals: The Sport with Surprises and it is about celebrating the sense of adventure that cycling brings. From treadmills to tennis courts, the pitch to the pool, millions of us chase endorphins and adrenaline that come with exercise but the ability to simultaneously explore new places is reserved for us cyclists. To watch the whole collection of Rapha Manual film clips, head over to their website.

For the latest in their series of guides, Rapha spoke to several cyclists to ask how they started exploring on two wheels and why it keeps bringing them back: Read more about it here.

"Whether you've been riding for decades or you're just clipping in, the journey to becoming a cyclist often includes the same rites of passage. The Rapha Manuals celebrate those universal experiences with a dozen charming hand-drawn animations accompanied by helpful written guides to inspire riding around the world. As we release a new Manual over each of the next 12 days, share them with friends just starting out and ride with us this July."

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