Firefly Bicycles: Titanium Drinking Straws

Firefly Bicycles, based in Boston, US recently released these ingenious and super cool titanium drinking straws. There're made from off-cut scrap metal from the frame-building manufacturing process. Specifically they're a by-product of their internal cable routing option that would usually have no use. So for all those that would love a Firefly bicycle but can't afford one, you can buy a straw instead! That being said, the bicycle industry isn't the most environmentally friendly at the best of times, with us all being encouraged to upgrade, buy the latest kit a replace carbon bikes for the latest aero offering every few years. Custom built bicycles are more expensive but are more often than not unique, built to last a lifetime and will turn heads out on the road.

This is great to see, adding to the continuing trent towards countering the disposable culture to avoid the use of single use plastic straws. These help to stop contributing to over 500 million plastic straws that end up in landfill every day. Just like their bikes, they are made to order with the guys squeezing making them into their production schedule. They come in a range of 4 colours. Bent or straight and in three lengths (5,8 and 10 inches).

Unfortunately I missed the initial release and so there're already sold out after understandably being incredibly popular and were offering international shipping too! They used up 7.5 years worth of titanium scrap in less than 24 hours! As they generate more scrap thats suitable for straw making they will make them available again so keep an eye out.

See more at Firefly Bicycles and on their Instagram for updates on when they're available again.

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