Ride With Wolves Apparel

Part of the aim of this website is to support and promote local cycling community's, and small scale start-up brands that bring people together and create interesting and unique things. That is exactly what independent clothing company, Ride With Wolves are doing.

I recently bumped into the brands founder Ester van Kempen, who told me a bit about her brand. They specialise in innovative reflective cycling apparel. It was on her photo shoot for a new range of products that I got the opportunity to have a quick look at some of the clothing. There're making some really nice pieces with a strong brand message and progressive philosophy to support cycling culture.

The brand is gender neutral, body positive and has a feminist and inclusive outlook.

It's a DIY operation and all the clothing is hand screen printed, ethical and uses bold 3M reflective ink to stand out. They have an environmentally sustainable approach, minimising waste by up-cycling and by putting careful consideration into the sourcing and manufacturing process.

The brand in Brighton and raised it in South East London.

Join the pack, check out the products and see more on the Ride With Wolves website

Also check out the Ride With Wolves Instagram

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