The mechanised collective is a behind the scenes perspective on cycling culture, along with all its interconnected interests and intricacies. The website isplatform for documenting, showcasing and supporting it all. We're not really into generic bike reviews, the latest race training plan and we're not 'content creators' either, others have that one covered. However, we never hesitate to stop and document the moment while having a laugh. Based in London, UK with frequent journeys beyond.


We'll be visiting bike-shops and frame-builders, capturing the odd ride, route and race, checking out mid-ride coffee stops and enjoying a post-ride beer with all the people that are involved and have a great affection for what we believe is the greatest machine ever invented. 


If you want to be a contributor and publish an article, photoset, video or artwork give us a shout. Do you have an idea or suggestion for a project you'd like to discuss or document? If you're running an event or have a cool product you'd like us to share and review? Or maybe you just wanna talk about bikes then go for it. Get in contact, we'd love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to email us:


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Ed Wirgman (Photos)

Alec Briggs (Words)

John Blight (Words)

Andy Mathews (Photos)

Taylor Tulip-Close (photos) 

Jess Morgan (Photos)

Emyr Davies (Originator)